Hello, my name is Gabriel Arruda.
I reversed my autoimmune disease, and I’d like to tell you how.


The Top 3 Toxins Causing Autoimmune Diseases

The Top 3 Toxins Causing Autoimmune Diseases There are certain foods and toxins you may be consuming every day that have caused you to get an autoimmune disease. As long as you are consuming these toxins, it will be impossible for you to heal from your autoimmune disease. You may not even be aware of … Read more

Why the Typical Autoimmune Treatments Don’t Work

  Why the Typical Autoimmune Treatments Don’t Work Here are the most common autoimmune treatments you will find today: Medications The Paleo Diet or Wahls Diet Surgery Management Measures Here is why these typical treatments don’t work: Medications Though well-intentioned, for the most part all doctors can do for you is prescribe medications (most likely … Read more

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